About Us

How SierraRose Farms Started 

SierraRose Farms began in 2002 working with children and horses – teaching kids the responsibilities associated with the care and understanding of horses all in a * hands on * structured * safe environment.  This transcended into programs that became more “specific” in nature as we watched children bloom “into themselves” by associating with these  wonderfully intuitive miniature horses.  So after years of developing specialized programs, SierraRose Farms Healing Hearts with Horses Foundation (SRFH3) a 501(c)3 not for profit foundation was born.

Our Inspiration . . . Molly Kate

Molly Kate

Molly Kate

“Molly packed in ‘a whole lotta’ life in her nearly four years of existence.  She talked early (smarter than a whip!) and she walked early (usually at a run) – never looking back – always moving forward.  Had she looked back, she would have seen what we did . . . a path of footprints hard to surpass.  Molly filled a room by being in it.  There was an aura around her – that special glow that makes everyone smile, that everyone recognizes, but who so few possess.  She was matter of fact, gregarious, a force to be reckoned with.  Molly was simply full of life.  She taught people to:


  • Love unconditionally
  • To accept people for who they are
  • To make you want to help make someone’s life better
  • To enable the very best in yourself and someone else
  • To help people reach their goals

“Most of all, Molly taught me these things and because of her, the lives of so many are better for it.  She set high standards that everyday I try to achieve.

Molly Kate was born into our family September 5, 1992; the first daughter of my brother, the first granddaughter of my parents, the first niece of mine.  She lived until August 3, 1996 but her spirit remains with all of us forever.”

Lee Ann Hullangel wings picture
Molly’s Aunt
President & Executive Director
SRF Healing Hearts with Horses Foundation