FromTheHorsesMouthFrequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have horse experience to participate in your programs?
No!  Actually it’s better if you don’t.  Our program is about your experience interacting with the horses and how you can apply that to your life’s situation. But even if you have experience with horses, our program will                                                              provide you with a deeper understanding of yourself and                                                        a horse. 

What forms do I need?                                                                                                        H3 Liability and Photo Release

 H3 LEC Form

Do I get to ride a horse during this program? 
No, this program is strictly working with horses while you are on the ground.  

What do I wear? 
Well, this is a farm . . . weather appropriate clothing and sturdy closed toe shoes are a must.  You will be working in our indoor facility as well as outside in the pastures and outdoor arena.  You will experience some dirt at some point! 

Where do I park? 
There is a parking lot in the front west corner of the driveway where the horse sign says     “Park Here →”. 

What happens during a session? 
Each session will take place on the ground with a facilitating team made up of two or more certified equine specialists and one or more horses. The client will participate in Funding in place for clients who qualify.  Unfortunately at this time we do Not accept any form of insurance. 

How does SRFH3 work with clients in an inpatient/residential facility, school or in a group home? 
We feel the most ideal and productive way to conduct Equine Interactive Learning is at the SierraRose Farms Healing Hearts with Horses facility, where we have access to the proper environment, tools, and individual horses that give us the most flexibility in any situation. However, we can provide on-site services for select clients, bringing our team of horses and EIL professionals directly to your facility. Call SRFH3 and talk to one of our staff for more information on how this might work for you. 

Will the program I attend be the same day and time? 
Yes it will always be the same day and time for the entire duration. 

Can my family or friends observe? 
We have a lovely pergola with seating that those who are waiting for you can relax in.  Visitors do not observe programs due to HIPPA laws and privacy of others who may be participating. 

Is there smoking allowed on property? 
Due to our stringent insurance regulations, there is no smoking anywhere on our property.  This includes even in your car in our parking lot. 

Can I bring my dog with me? 
No pets are allowed on our property due to our insurance regulations and the safety of the horses as well as your dog if it were to get loose. 

Can we come before the first program to tour and meet the horses beforehand? 
Because our programs are about your experience – without preconceived ideas – we do not offer a “before” visit. 

If I have questions, how can I reach you? 
The best way to contact us is via email.  Although in case of emergency or program change, please give us a call. 

After the program has concluded, how can I still be a part of SRFH3? 
Volunteering opportunities for those over the age of 13 are possible as well as participating in other programs including camps, riding lessons, women’s retreats or other event offerings. And we always need help with our Mini Derby Fundraising Gala!

Is the fence electrified? 
Yep.  Wanna touch it? 

I love your cats!  Can I pick them up?  Can we take one home? 
We are so proud of our cats.  The reason they are so friendly and want you to pet them is because our rule of “don’t pick up the cats” allows them to come and go as they want.  Sometimes people don’t understand that a cat just doesn’t want to be picked up!  All our cats stay on the farm.  Unlike other facilities we do not look for homes for our cats.  Now, the only exception would be if we had a litter of kittens and someone wanted one as an indoor ONLY cat.  Then we would consider it. 

Can we bring treats for the horses and feed them? 
Yes, please bring treats!  They love cut up apples and carrots.  We don’t offer to the public to hand feed our horses anything (horses will start to look at you for treats instead of pats and could become pushy) but we put the treats in their breakfast or dinner and it’s an extra special treat they love! 

Can we pet the pretty horses in the pastures? 
You can look at the pretty horses all you want, but we do not allow petting unless we are IN THE PASTURE with you.  The fencing is hot and we don’t want them (or you) to be poked.