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Are you a court, family law practice, have a social welfare program, or a human services department?

We are pleased to be working with Clinton County Juvenile & Probate Courts, helping them to show youth and families a different way of coping with their personal or family “emotional” issues.  Our programs give these individuals a chance to make a difference in how they deal with every day life situations.  Equine Interactive Programs have the ability to provide multiple learning lessons for those Juvenile participants:  truancy, anger management, social interaction, dealing with peer pressure, and emotional restraint are but a few topics covered.

The programming we provide for the Department of Human Services’ & Foster/Adoptive Families, helps to build or rebuild trust, interaction techniques, as well as unification.

If you are involved with a court system, and want to find out more about our Equine Interactive Programs for youth and families in your county, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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